About Club Darwin

Have you ever taken a bet against a friend or wagered something of value with an uncertain outcome? If you have, congratulations—you have had a little taste of what it is like to gamble. There is often a lot of negative stigma that comes attached to the activity of gambling. Can we blame them? Year after year, there had always been negative reports of gambling addiction and the foolishness of people who had lost their way.

Club Darwin seeks to provide a safe and positive space for gamblers to explore and discover more about their hobby. Gambling is something that is normally done with others, after all. The best ways that we all learn is through each other. This website aims to amplify that and provide a positive support for gamblers—particular emphasis on who is providing that support.

The words that you are reading right know are all written by people who share a deep affection for the hobby of gambling. They have all had their experiences dealing with the stigma and the confusion when they were just starting out. Now they want to make use of their experience and their voices to help others on their way.