Gamblers Ask: What Other “Sporting” Events Can You Place Bets On?

In the world of today, you make serious money from betting on sporting events. An old type of gambling, sports betting looks like it is spreading the umbrella of its influence and sheltering other “sporting” events. The traditional games where bets were taken were usually the ones with a massive following all throughout the world.

However, as our technology now allows connectivity to be a matter of pressing a button or tapping a screen, more and more events are now being considered as a sport. We’ve gotten a lot of calls asking about what other ‘sporting’ events can have bets placed on it. We did a lot of thinking and these are the ones that may strike most gamblers as unusual:


1: eSports

eSports - Gamblers Ask: What Other “Sporting” Events Can You Place Bets On?
One of the biggest things to spawn out of the marriage of video games and connectivity, eSports is pretty much taking over the world. A lot of games that were once part of a lot of our childhoods like first person shooters are now actually considered sports. They have national and international tournaments with prizes that reach several millions of dollars.

Of course, it only followed that there would be those of us that saw a different kind of opportunity. Betting on eSports is rapidly becoming an extremely lucrative activity with so many ‘sports’ to choose from. As there are always tournaments being held, you never really run out of choices.


2: Beauty Contests

Beauty Contests - Gamblers Ask: What Other “Sporting” Events Can You Place Bets On?
Yes, there are bookmakers out there that do take bets on who the next Miss Something is going to be. This is not surprising at all given the sheer level of popularity and competitiveness that is normally seen at such events. There is a LOT of pageants that are held in a national and international scale. Those that really follow pageants will tell you that there are categories that candidates need to fall under in order to be queen-worthy.

As such, there is a level of uncertainty with the end result, making it an ideal event to put bets on. From a man’s point of view it may seem quite odd but getting both an eyeful of beauty and a pocketful of money is more than enough to silence haters.



Pretty much anything can be considered as a subject for sports betting. All that is needed is any event where there are competitors, an actual competition, and an uncertain result—and you have everything you need to be considered a sport that people can place bets on. While some can be met with a healthy dose of skepticism, ultimately everyone is a winner when more and more events are considered bet-worthy.

After all, more events mean more chances to make money through betting on them, right?