Separating Fantasy from Reality: Casino Traps You Need to Avoid

Casinos are often perceived as glittering fantasy worlds that are the gatekeepers of stellar experiences. They seem that way because they are actually built that way. Casinos are built to serve as sweet traps for those who do not know any better. Therefore, it would only make sense to obtain all the necessary knowledge on how to spot and avoid casino traps.

Here are a few examples of casino traps:


Complete Absence of Clocks and Windows

Time certainly flies when you are having fun. Casinos have taken that a step further by removing any form of time telling device where it can be seen by their patrons. Windows are also usually missing so patrons cannot tell time by the passage of the sun. When you cannot tell what time it is, it can be easy to believe that only a bit of time has passed when the truth is you have been there for hours. You can easily avoid this by arming yourself with a watch. Do note that most casinos are stricter about allowing mobile devices on the premises so a watch is still your best bet.


Special Offers for ‘Winners’

We have all heard that tale of that one person that won big in Vegas and was offered a luxury suite for a few nights and even access to a ‘high rollers’ section of the casino. While this seems farfetched, this is actually fairly common practice for larger casinos. They do this to keep the high roller there and give the establishment a chance to recoup the losses it incurred from the massive wins. The more time the winner spends at the casino playing, the higher the odds of them experiencing natural losses.

Mind you, this is not to suggest that casinos cheat. After all, everyone experiences losses. Depending on what you bet, you can lose more than others. You can fight this trap by taking the suite but saying no thank you to the high roller’s section. Know the worth of your money and plan how to handle it accordingly.



Casinos can be quite lethal to one’s wallet if proper care is not suitably taken. Ultimately, it is all about being aware of the little tricks that establishments like casino use in order to guile their patrons into staying longer or spending more. Much like whether gambling is a friend or a foe, a casino can be either. What gamblers can do in order to enjoy casinos to the fullest is to always have presence of mind. Having fun and letting loose is fine, just always have a grip on where you are and what you came to accomplish.

In your experiences in casinos which traps have you encountered?