Are You a Friend or Foe: Looking Closer at Online Gambling

One of the things that came about the rapid evolution of our technology was the internet. The internet was a tool that was used to connect millions around the globe. It was only a matter of time before gambling appeared online.

Online gambling is fairly famous for a lot of reasons. Before the online revolution, it was fairly unheard of for a gambler to stay home and be able to play. Normally, one would need to travel to a casino or a gambling establishment. This is what made gambling a highly social event for some. When online gambling became—well, a thing—gamblers no longer needed to leave the comfy caves of their making.


Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe - Are You a Friend or Foe: Looking Closer at Online Gambling
In order to really see if online gambling is a friend or foe, it would be good to analyze it under certain categories. Here are some of them:

  • Safety
  • Fun Factor
  • Sustainability
  • Risk
  • Rewards

In the interest of things, allow us to consider some of the factors listed above.



Safety - Are You a Friend or Foe: Looking Closer at Online Gambling
From the standpoint of safety, online gambling has its share of dangers. Identity theft is now primarily made in the digital world. There will be people out there that will try to steal your information and use it for nefarious purposes. It is entirely up to the player to secure their safety, regardless of the security measures of the website they use.

On the flip side, never having to leave your home means that you are not as exposed to physical dangers that the world has!


Fun Factor

Fun Factor - Are You a Friend or Foe: Looking Closer at Online Gambling
Online gambling has a lot of offerings in terms of the games that people can play. While the largest market caters to poker players, there are a lot of games and sites that cater to slots and roulette. While being away from other people may seem okay for a while, it is entirely different to gamble with other people around you.



When you think about, everything has the potential to be a friend or a foe. A thing or an activity is not inherently evil in its existence. It relies solely on how you utilize it that will determine whether it is a positive or negative thing. Online gambling may come with its own perils in terms of safety and the gambler’s health, however like gambling itself—it is all up to how you handle it.

While there are those that falter, there will be those that can find some pretty great stories waiting to be told. We encourage you to build your own analysis of online gambling based on the categories we listed above. Now, what is online gambling to you: a friend or foe?